I stopped going to church after my dad hit rock bottom – Stonebwoy

Stonebwoy, Musician

Ghanaian BET award-winning reggae-dancehall artiste, Stonebwoy, has explained why he chose to do reggae-dancehall music and not gospel despite growing up in a highly religious home.

Talking to Rev. Erskine on the Y Leaderboard Series which is aired on Y107.9FM, he noted that when the anchor of the home begins to lose grip, then there arises the need for survival and that was basically his situation. “My father was going through a certain phase at that time and I was learning life from that so I was getting wiser.

I just wanted to explore outside the Christian box and to feel a bit freer so I think that was what informed my step out”, he said. Stonebwoy added that the hustle is also another reason that influenced the path he has taken.

He told Rev. Erskine that he realized there was nothing for him in the church anymore and most of his church friends also started complaining about his new hairstyle.

“I even had one Sunday school teacher that whenever I saw, I had to dodge because she would cry so much talking about how I’ve destroyed my life and how her son, may his soul rest in peace, also became an armed robber”, he further narrated. He mentioned that the only person that he explained everything to was his mother because he wanted her to be aware of the situation.

“Everyone else, I’m sorry I didn’t owe any explanation. When she is cool, I’m cool”, Stonebwoy shared. According to the musician, he became a very stubborn boy at some point in life when he needed to hustle on his own due to his father’s tight situation and although most people around him did not like his switch, he could see where he was headed, hence, he knew they would understand someday.

Source: Peacefmonline



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