‘I suddenly lost my sight’ – Popular actress cries out, begs for financial help


Maureen Okpoko, a veteran Nollywood actress, has requested financial assistance following the sudden loss of her sight.

In a video posted online, the actress stated that she urgently requires medical attention or will lose her sight.

The ailing thespian explained that she needs money to treat her vision impairment and would appreciate any help.

”I’m seeking your financial assistance. It would be greatly appreciated if you all could come to my aid. Also, I need your prayers and words of encouragement, it has not been an easy journey for me, but I’m grateful for the gift of life. Thank you all.”

Mrs. Okpoko, on the other hand, stated that she is grateful for the gift of life despite everything.

“Living with vision loss has been difficult, but I’m grateful to God for the gift of life,” she says. I suddenly lost my sight, which means I can’t see or can’t see for the time being.

Mrs. Maureen Okpoko has appeared in a slew of Nigerian television shows, including Baby Oku, Red Scorpion, Clinic Matters, University Mafias, Sorrowful, Dear Mother, and many more.

The 62-year-old Anambra-born actress has won numerous Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards (AMVCA) and has appeared in numerous Nollywood films, including Matured Games, Crazy Temper, Enemy of Light, The Banker, Wasted, Falling, One Room, Labour Room, and The Duplex.