I used to be a pallbearer – Kofi Jamar

Kofi Jamar, Rapper
Kofi Jamar, Rapper

New rap sensation, Kofi Jamar has had a rough beginning to turning into the whiz that he is.

Actually like the beginning up accounts of numerous effective individuals all throughout the planet, the “Ekorso” artist has not had it simple.

In a yet to be broadcasted scene of the Delay Show, Kofi Jamar uncovers that before his music got well known, he used to function as a pallbearer.

“I filled in as a pallbearer. I conveyed dead bodies. From that point I functioned as a security at Brilliant Tulip. I worked at the entryway as an attendant, checking vehicles before they enter the premises. I procured just 500 cedis every month,”

“I worked as a pallbearer. I carried dead bodies. From there I worked as a security at Golden Tulip. I worked at the gate as an usher, checking cars before they enter the premises. I earned as little as 500 cedis a month,” Jamar told Delay.


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