I Want A Divorce Because My Husband Don’t Like Bathing – Beautiful Lady Painfully Confesses

My husband doesn't like bathing

My husband doesn’t like bathing, he will not bathe in the evening after work and come and sleep with all the sweat on our bed.

My husband doesn’t like bathing – lady spill a secret behind her push for divorce. In the harmattan, he was not bathing every day, he will wake up, brush his teeth and just use roll-on. On Saturdays too he goes to play football at the park in our area and he comes in very sweaty and stinking. I know guys who do sports know that smell very well.

My husband doesn't like bathing

When he comes back, he will not bathe, rather he will lie on the bed with all that dirt and will sleep. It’s very bad.

Anytime I complain he will tell me that if I can’t endure this small scent from him then I cannot marry any man because it is the scent of every man. He only likes to make love with me in the evening after work, and my problem is not even his body scent but down there.

The smell is bad and he gets very defensive when I complain too. We have been married for 5 years and the attitude has always been the same. When we were dating, I was not staying with him and he smelled fresh anytime we met so I didn’t notice anything.

As for keeping his surroundings clean, he does well with that. He even sweeps our room sometimes. My main problem is the smell down there.

Please what should I do? We are both 32 years with two children.

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