‘I was like Mzbel during my early days’ – Akosua Agyapong

Akosua Agyapong has been trending after Making this statement

Veteran Ghanaian performer Akosua Agyapong has compared Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah, also known as Mzbel, to herself in her younger years.

“If you’re going to discuss some of the new musicians, at that time, I was like Mzbel,” she stated in a Joy News interview.

The artist claims that she became well-known in her peak because of her passion for dancing and music.

Akosua said she wanted to do something different, which was to teach people to dance and have them perform with her on stage for a change.

“Way back in Holy Child, because I normally teach people how to dance, I told myself that definitely, with my first album, I have to train people to dance so that I can bring in something new because I realised that people were not bringing in dancers to dance,” she said.

Akosua disclosed that she was able to achieve her desire to train stage dancers who delivered exceptionally.

“When I came out with my first album, Frema, Born Again, Mey3 obaa, it was a household name because I came with dancers.

“Way back in school, because I used to dance, I added my dancing to it and it became something else. So that actually made me unique and made me different,” she added.


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