“I Washed Dishes To Make More Money”, Nigerian Medi-Lab Technician Overseas Discloses How He Built A Mansion For His Parents

The overwhelming story of a Nigerian Guy based in the United Kingdom, thrilled the social media fraternity, as he shared his wise and captivating life story over how he made enough money to build for his parents a luxurious mansion in their home town.

The  Medi-Lab technician who doubles as a social media content creator,  interestingly revealed that, he could mobilize adequate funds to complete a building project he had started in his village to house his parents only when he had resorted to doing several other kinds of jobs in the UK, including the washing of dishes, cleaning washrooms, and caring after the aged.
According to him, despite being a professional master’s degree holder, and a certified Medi-Lab Technician, upon arriving in the UK for greener pastures, he didn’t rely on the office work alone, but took to other minnial ventures in order to survive, which actually helped him achieve what he can boast of having today.
In a video online, the young visionaire, refuted the false acclaimed easy life abroad, and shed more ligh on how each and every one must endure harships in order to arrive at some successes.
He explained that, personally he had to avoid every frugal lifestyle, managing the little resources that came into hand, and saved them. Also, he refused to secoumb to all societal pressures, choosing to board public transport rather than purchasing his own car even though he could afford to buy his choicest at the time.