I will never leave my marriage because my husband cheated – Patience Ozokwor

Nigerian movies are not lovely and entertaining when such spectacular personalities are missing in actions including, our one and only hilarious woman at all times, who always features in the scenes considered to be acts of cruelty and inhumane treatment.

Madam Patience Ozokwor, a veteran renowned Nigerian actress, has appeared once again in the media houses as some have misconstrued her current remarks as a proponent of infidelities in marriages. She is well known and credited for acting in movies that are controversies but she acts so well and flawlessly without any difficulty in the role given to her to act upon.

In an interview with one of her own colleagues in the filming industry, Mercy Johnson Okoji, Madam Patience Ozokwor talks extensively about the kind of meals in matrimonial homes that are likely to ginger pure love and joyful moments while unraveling all the mysteries in families, since tasty soup draws seat’; she disclosed that, cheating husbands can not be thrown away because they have committed acts of infidelity.

She disclosed that, since God does not endorse divorce or separation, it is not an enough option or reason for you as the woman to leave the house for another strange woman to come and occupy.

The celebrated Nigerian movies actress with several decades of acting and teaching experiences, could not hesitate to advise celebrities and presenters how they dress before appearing on television shows since their daughters are closely watching what they do today. She stated plainly that, if you are a married woman and your husband cheats on you, you should not leave the matrimonial home for any other woman because your husband has cheated on you.

Madam Patience Ozokwor, who is widely circulated and regarded as a woman who rudely treats and abuses every man in movies, revealed her true and committed heart when she audaciously declared on television that, she is not leaving the matrimonial home for another woman to come and live in if her husband has cheated on her in the process.

She continued to say, as a responsible woman, if your husband mistakenly commits adultery behind you and even if you get to know, you must not depart from the house for him whereby a different woman would come and enjoy but rather, you must sweet all the dirt and clean up the filth and polish the house since she is also authoritative in her home.

She identified that, the other woman who will replace her in the house when she finally leaves, she is the very individual person who must desert since the house does not belong to her whereas, forsaking the home because of infidelity on the part of the man, will not augur well for any woman who takes that retrogressive action against the man if he has removed the panties of another woman flat for penetration.

Madam Patience Ozokwor concluded that, there is nothing that will incite her leave her home no matter the times that her husband has an extra marital affair with another woman, she will not vacate her home for any woman to come over and occupy.


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