Prophet Ajagurajah

The Ajagurajah Movement’s Prophet Ajagurajah has argued strongly for polygamy.

He stated that he is prepared to marry approximately twenty women and have another ten as concubines.

The controversial prophet encouraged women who love him to come forward in a video that went viral, as his doors are open to many women.

He mentioned that one of the things he likes about polygamy is when a man dies, many children and their mothers fight over his property.

His words are: There is room for all the women who love me. The fifth, tenth, fifteenth, and twentieth wives, as I’ve previously mentioned, are reserved. Please take your time if you want the fifth, tenth, fifteenth, or twentieth.

“The pressure is mounting, or else there will be an oversight due to the long line. Please tidy up the queue so it can be reviewed. I place a high value on the screening process. Marriage application,” he said

“Indeed, I, Kwabena Asiamah, will wed twenty and have ten lady friends and mistresses. I will give birth to 68 children. Burn the sea if you don’t understand.

“Someone will die, and 20 is the number I am marrying,” he went on to say. There is a long line. When I marry each of these women, they will be all around me—one on my hand, one on my leg—and I will be content. Some of them will brush my teeth, others will fan me, and others will cook for me to eat.

“I will get married to women who have large breasts and buttocks, slim bodies, dark hair, and a lot of other characteristics. I’ll have a lot of wives and build a big house for them all. He stated, “I will wonder which room I need to go to at night and then decide.”