I’ll rather stay single than marry you – Delay


Deloris Frimpong Manso, also known as Delay, is a media personality and business tycoon who is once again making headlines for giving a social media user who crossed the line the ‘wotowoto’ treatment.

Due to her failure to find a guy of her own and establish herself as a married lady, Delay has been made fun of by many for years.

While some make fun of her for not getting married, others feel sorry for her and say that not everyone is meant to get married.

Delay recently posted some new pictures of herself on her timeline, and as usual, one user remarked on one of them, prompting Delay to respond angrily, implying that she is now tired of it all.

The user claims that Delay is about 60 years old and single, so he wants to encourage her to get married quickly by asking her what she is waiting for.

“Y3 na ware, almost 60 years,” he said. What are you holding out for?

Delay replied that she would prefer to remain single than wed a pig like the netizen.

She wrote; “I would rather stay single than settle for a pig like you”.

Delay and Netizen