I’m a proud prostitute – Actress Shugatiti finally admits

I'm a proud prostitute – Actress Shugatiti finally admits

“I’m a proud prostitute,” Actress Shugatiti finally admits, boldly owning up to her controversial profession.

As a sex worker and actress, she has faced plenty of criticism and scrutiny from society. However, Shugatiti refuses to let the stigma surrounding her career choices bring her down. Instead, she sees herself as an empowered and independent woman who chooses to make a living in a way that suits her.

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By speaking out about her experience, she hopes to challenge the negative stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding sex work and give a voice to others who may feel marginalized and silenced.

Ultimately, Shugatiti’s story is a reminder that everyone is entitled to their choices and deserves to be respected, regardless of their profession.