“I’m willing to donate my liver for you” – Ayisha Modi tells KiDi

If Ghanaian rapper KiDi needs a liver implant and rumours of him having health issues are accurate, Ayisha Modi has stated she would be willing to donate her liver.

Many people became concerned about the young musician, best known for his 2022 hit song “Touch It,” after he shared a teaser of his new song, set to be released on April 27, 2023, along with a video of him making some assumptions about his health.

This is in response to prior rumors that he was suffering from a stroke, which he and his management have both denied.

Through the song’s lyrics, KiDi hinted that he was struggling with a liver-related ailment that, if revealed to his followers, would leave them in tears.

Many of his followers are now hoping and praying that the song’s lyrics will not accurately reflect his condition as a result of this.

One such individual is Ayisha Modi, who has reached out to KiDi with a message of encouragement to get through whatever difficulties he may be facing in private right now.

The socialite also promised KiDi her unwavering support if he ever needed a liver donation, and her name is supposedly linked to all kinds of good deeds in this world.

“Dear @kidimusic I pray it’s not tru but if really it’s tru and you want a donor I could help if we compatible, she wrote sharing a video of the snippet. “This lyrics are scaring me. I pray and hope it’s just a lyrics and there is nothing more to it.

“This song we won’t sing along because the message it carries is heart breaking and we as Ghanaians are not ready to accept this.”

Ayihsa Modi reacts to KiDi liver complications