International News : Back To Back Missile Attack Between Israel And Iran, Damages And Future Conflict Possibilities

There are sparks of war igniting between the two countries, Israel and Iran, as Tehran announced a major regional chaos in the future, if the missile menace is not curbed.

It is believed that RAF jets were made to shoot down gigantic Iranian drones because Israel had launched a major attack on Iran.

Most of these well-equipped aircrafts are, originally from Iraq and Syria, but they were deployed to intercept a couple of airborne attacks within range of their existing missions.

A military spokesman from Israel, Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, explained that about 99% of the 300 available drones, cruise missiles and ballistic missiles had been shot down outside the country’s borders by Iran — reason for the bone of contention.

A lot of damages have occurred within both countries, Israel and Iran, including the current critical condition of a seven-year-old girl who was severely injured as a result of the missile attacks by both countries.