Jackie Appiah’s son and ex-husband make public appearance

Jackie Appiah

Damien Agyemang, the son of Peter Agyemang and well-known Ghanaian actress Jackie Appiah, has been in public with his father.

In a picture uploaded to Instagram by well-known blogger Nkonkonsa, Jackie’s ex-husband Peter Agyemang can be seen standing next to their now-adolescent son Damien.

The father and son are both dressed casually and seem to be enjoying each other’s company.

Damien’s father was seen putting his hand on his son’s shoulder in the video, but he was too short to reach Damien’s height. Damien appeared to be taller than his father.

The actress and her ex-husband have received praise from many people for their commitment to co-parenting and the measures they have taken to ensure their child feels connected to both of them.

Due to his recent public appearances—first at his mother’s movie, and now with his father—Damien has caught the couple’s attention.

In October 2005, Jackie married her ex-husband; they separated in 2008 for unspecified reasons.

Despite divorcing, Jackie and Peter worked together to maintain their child, reports say.