“Jane Should Settle Too, Congrats Irene!” — Ghanaians Call Out Efya For Being Single For Too Long

On Friday April 19,2024, Irene Logan got married to her beau, Joey, in an exquisite traditional ceremony,which took place with a lot of loved ones and fans in attendance.

It is said Irene got married at 40 and that her parents had migrated to Ghana from Liberia, during the World War, due to historical findings by Ghbuzznews.com

Over the years, Irene grew up and has been nurtured as half Liberian and half Ghanaian due to the circumstances.

Dating back to the time when she was part of a duet with Jane, solely known as Efya, they made a formidable team, but they , later, split and each went solo.

A lot of Ghanaians have wished Irene well on her new journey as a married woman, whiles others have begun to poke at her former partner, Efya, insinuating that she should also find a man as soon as possible.

Whereas Efya(Jane) has not responded to her critics, the comments are still on the rise.

Most Ghanaians want Jane to copy from Irene and do all she can to secure a lifetime partner before it’s too late, in order to preserve her prestige.

See below photos from Logan’s beautiful ceremonies :

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