Jesus Is Just A Child Of Someone, He Is Not Real – Kwaku Bonsam denies originality of Jesus

Jesus Is Just A Child Of Someone, He Is Not Rea

Kwaku Bonsam, a well-known traditional priest by those in the circles of its practice, has stated that he does not believe in the existence of Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the world believed and upheld by the practitioners of the Christian region worldwide.

The traditional priest, who is known to be abhorrent of the Christian religious practices and its founder, Jesus Christ, has said, Jesus Christ is just a child of someone as in a case of a normal human being giving birth to a child and thus, he does not have any other awesome power to giving and saving people from their sins because he does not have that particular authority to do so, therefore, he does not trust such a person as Christina believers are worshipping and praising him for saving and protecting their lives from the hands of the wicked forces of this world.

According to Kwaku Bonsam, an ardent and addicted worshipper of idols and gods, he has no shame to worship what he ultimate believes and swears to because he believes that the gods are the owners of his life and due to that, he is fully dedicated and committed to serving them until the last breathe in him departs from him where he finds it difficult to recognize the giver of the life which resides in him and that life-giver, is the same Jesus Christ that he claims he does not believe in Him hence, his decision to be devoted to the worshipping of idols and gods that do not have mouths, noses, ears, eyes, legs, and hands for use and yet, the one who gives him the breathe of life, he willingly or ignorantly, forsakes and ignores Him and turns to useless idols at his shrine where different forms and shapes of erected and crafted idols and gods are found and worshipped.

Kwaku Bonsam, a traditional oracles consultant for people who go to him secretly for spiritual awakening exercises and consultations, is a renowned individual who opposes everything concerning Jesus Christ and his followers because according to him, Jesus Christ is not an individual who should be trusted or to have any kind of confidence in that he has the power to change or transform the lives of his believers who are Christian faith but rather, an ordinary child who was borne by someone else out of the African soil as another person would do as the law of nature demands but he does not acknowledge the holder of that very law of nature enactor.

This particular man known as Kwaku Bonsam is somebody who even comes on television channels to claim that certain individual members belonging to the political classes, approached him and consulted him for spiritual edification and fortification whenever general elections are being held in the country.

Those who go to him secretly for spiritual awakening exercises and consultations but fail to fulfill their promises, he comes out to warn them of possible publication of their names in the national dailies if they continue to avoid paying what they have vowed to give him when what he does for them comes to pass and to him, his activities always fall at their rights appropriate portions with the sense that he is faithful and loyal to his gods and idols but those he helps, will by so doing, secure what they want alright but clandestinely, ignore their pledges based on that, the gods come up against him hence his decision to come to the public limelight to exposing such unreliable figures in society who would promise but they will not honor or fulfill their promises as a sign of dignity and respect to his gods after they helped turn out the fortunes of such people around.

In Ghana, there are numerous regions but their practices, are mainly limited to three out of the lots.

Christian religion, having majority of followers and believers, Islamic religion, having the second slot with its faiths whilst as, traditional religion having the third position with few people who declared their faiths in its practices and doctrines but in the view of Kwaku Bonsam, many prominent political class appointees in Ghana who claim publicly to be christian believers, he can state on unequivocally and categorically that, such people have been calling upon him for consultations because they too do not have faith in Jesus but because they do not want the general public to victimise or ridicule them, they just have a form of Godliness in public but denying the power thereof in private and he reveals, that those people have been receiving spiritual supports and backing from him but they will assume political offices and be swearing with the Holy Bible brought by the same Jesus Christ that he does not believe in, as if he is the one they trust but rather they are his idols believers and worshippers and that is the main reason why he would come on air to threaten the publication of their names in case they fail in honouring their promises and within a twinkle of an eye for fear of their respective names being published, they will privately seek his face just to fulfill their promises to avoid the publication of their names so that the general public would not know that they are deeply rooted in the activities of traditional religion as he is an ardent and addicted worshipper of the idols and gods as he always declares when other people try to seek his point of views of matters pertaining to faith and religious practices and his faith about christian religion.

He further educated the public to be wary of certain individuals who profess that they are Christian believers because he knows them very well and he is also very much aware of their diabolic activities behind the scenes.



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