John Dumelo calls for revamping of old tourist sites

John Dumelo calls for revamping of old tourist sites
John Dumelo

Actor John Dumelo has spoken in favor of putting money into both new areas and renovations to current tourist attractions in Ghana.

According to him, this will boost tourism and generate more revenue for the government and businesses.

The well-known actor has joined the chorus of people advocating for attention to the tourism industry at a time when Ghana has grown to be a popular travel destination for foreigners, particularly over the Christmas holidays.

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December continues to be a busy travel and entertainment month for millions of people in Ghana.

John Dumelo discussed a number of strategies the government could use to draw attention to itself while boosting the population on January 12.

“Ghana is gradually becoming a popular vacation spot in December thanks to the many music festivals and entertainment events that take place there.

“Let’s try to concentrate our efforts on renovating the existing tourist attractions and creating brand-new, top-notch ones so we can attract more visitors year-round. Our moment has come, he roared.