Kalybos and I plan to have a baby if we are both single after 2 years – Ahuofe Patri

Speaking on Onua FM’s Adwuma Adwuma, Ghanaian actress Ahoufe Patri disclosed a deal with comedian Kalybos.

She reveals that she and Kalybos have made plans to start dating if they are both still unmarried after two years.

Through the well-liked comedy series “Boys Kasa,” in which Kalybos tries to seduce Ahoufe Patricia, Kalybos and Ahoufe Patricia first came to public attention.

Ahoufe Patri revealed her romantic interest in Kalyboss in an interview with Felicia Osei, and she agreed to date him if neither of them had a lovers.

She said: “We have come to an agreement that, after two years, if I don’t have a lover and he also does not have one, we will have a child. So watch out, if you don’t hear that either Kalybos or myself is married, we will have a baby coming out,” Ahoufe Patri continued. “We will probably start paying attention to each other. We are in each other’s plans.”

The Actress also mentioned that her current showbiz name, “Ahoufe Patri” was given to her by Kalybos during their skit-making at the National Film and Television Institute (NAFTI).


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