Kwabena Kwabena tackles inappropriate behaviours in church, among gospel ministers

Kwabena Kwabena

Highlife artist Kwabena Kwabena has stated that he left the church due to the “inappropriate behavior” of some gospel musicians.

He claimed that the majority of these gospel performers had put their financial success before of respect for God’s house.

According to a post on, Kwabena Kwabena thinks that the skill of music is more significant than money when it comes to priorities.

The highlife singer emphasized that wealth should be viewed as the result of creativity rather than the main goal, adding that some gospel ministers have started to travel and collect material possessions recently.

“Recently, I saw something that gospel musicians have started doing, and it saddens me. It’s very sad… Because I write gospel music and I know what gospel music is supposed to do, I became very sad that gospel musicians have actually started touring on worldly things,” he observed.

Kwabena Kwabena also expressed displeasure at the rate at which congregants dress inappropriately to church these days.

“Even if you have dresses that tighten your ass, you don’t wear them to church. You have places you can wear those dresses too, but when you are going to the house of God, there should be a purpose why you are going there, and please, we must all start to behave in a certain manner,” he added.

He also questioned why some pastors have failed to question these inappropriate behaviors that according to him, are taking over the house of God.