Lady adopts baby girl abandoned at her doorstep


Hearing about people coming forward to help those in need, especially when it involves disadvantaged kids, is encouraging. Baby being abandoned is a horrible fact that happens all around the world, leaving many kids in a vulnerable and unsure situation.

On social media, the story of a woman who adopted a baby girl left at her door has warmed people’s hearts.

By adopting the infant and giving her a loving home, this young woman who discovered a baby girl on her doorstep has assumed a large responsibility.

She then created a video showing a succession of images of the young child, who appeared to be in good health, while assuring her mother that the child is safe with her.

She wrote:

“To the young lady who left her baby on my doorstep, I just want you to know that she is safe with me.”

@aleciaa.b This is for the young lady who left her baby on my door steps . She’s safe with me 💕🙏🏽 #bythewayshessafewithme #babyfever #babygirl #babytiktok ♬ original sound – erica padilla