Lady breaks up with boyfriend on Valentine’s day; Reveals she’s pregnant for his best friend


On Valentine’s Day, a Nigerian lady simply known as Ewa sent shivers down the spine of her boyfriend.

Valentine’s Day, observed on February 14th, is one of the best times to celebrate love, with lovers exchanging gifts with their loved ones and vice versa.

A young man has been bet served a hot breakfast as many lovers celebrate this special day set aside to remember the importance of love.

According to the viral video, which has elicited mixed reactions from social media users, the guy received a wrapped gift from his girlfriend, unaware that the gift would break his heart.

After unwrapping it, he found out that his girlfriend has authored their break-up message on the surface of the frame she presented to him as a gift.

“#ValentineGift# I just wanted to use medium to tell you that I’m pregnant for your best friend, I’m so sorry darling,” the caption on the frame reads.

The heartbroken man couldn’t believe his eyes and burst into tears. His friends who were with him when he received the gift tried unsuccessfully to calm him down.