Lady offers to pay 80K to any man ready to be her fake husband

Christmas is once again here, and as always, friends and family will come together to celebrate the holiday.

After spending many years occupied with work, some may need to return to the village to visit their family and celebrate with them.

In light of this, a stunning young woman by the name of Isabella Amara has promised to pay a sizable sum of money to any man willing to comply with her demands this holiday season.

In a post by the lady, she is up for the village and thus can’t go alone. She needs to present herself to her village people as a married woman.

Even though unmarried, beautiful Isabella has offered a sum of 80K to any mature guy that will pretend to be her husband in the village from December 25th to 5th January (New Year).

Apparently, Isabella Amara wants to make-believe to her village people that she’s happily married hence her offer this Christmas. men where are you? Look sharp, 80K is some pretty good



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