Lady who used ‘Do As I Say’ charm on her boyfriend exposed

Do As I Say

A young Nigerian lady was caught using the ‘Do As I Say’ charm on her boyfriend.

According to reports, the lady went to dump the charm in a river as directed by the fetish priest who gave her the charm.

Unfortunately for her, the charm was caught in the net of a local fisherman who was fishing in the river where she had dumped the ‘Do As I Say’ juju.

The shocked fisherman immediately opened the tightly closed bottle, and to his surprise, he discovered photographs of the lady and her boyfriend, whom she has spiritually linked to herself.

Aside from the pictures, there were some written incantations instructing the young man to do whatever the lady says.

Social media users who have seen this video are aggressively sharing it until it reaches the man who was spiritually imprisoned inside the bottle.

They have also advised the man to seek spiritual deliverance as soon as possible because they suspect the lady has done numerous evil things that have yet to be discovered.