Lazy people pay pastors for prayers – Yvonne Nelson flares

Lazy people pay pastors for prayers - Yvonne Nelson flares

Yvonne Nelson, a Ghanaian actress, and producer, has stated that Christians who rely solely on their spiritual leaders to lead them to the word and pray are lazy.

Yvonne asserts that to be a child of God, one must be able to pray alone and read the Bible on their own.

“You can pray and read the word; no need to rely solely on spiritual fathers to pray on your behalf. People pay pastors to pray for them and I feel it’s laziness because you can do all those for yourself as a child of God.” Yvonne stated in an interview with Kingdom FM.

Yvonne believes that the “church” is no longer serving its purpose as a place of worship because it has rapidly transformed into a business avenue.

Yvonne, who really isn’t big on religion, also said that she doesn’t believe in prophecies, which have become very popular among the country’s “men of God.”

The entrepreneur and mother of one is of the opinion that dreams are a more “legitimate” method by which God can reveal something to her: “I believe in dreams, not necessarily prophesies. If God wants to reveal something about me, he can show it in my dream or someone close to me can also dream about it. I don’t need a pastor to tell me God is real, Jesus and the Holy Spirit is real.”

Furthermore, she urged Christians to pray for a discernment spirit that would enable them to distinguish authentic from fraudulent practices.

Yesterday, February 14, Yvonne gave her Valentine’s Day movie, “Kotoka,” a successful premiere at the Silverbird Cinemas.

Yvonne’s latest masterpiece was watched by hundreds of fans.