Like Mother like Daughter, Maxin posing for the Camera. See the Resemblance


There is popular adage that goes, Like Mother like Daughter, incase you wondering how and Why or even want the meaning of this adage, then Maxin, Daughter of movie actress Nana Ama Mc Brown Baby Maxin, is a clear example of the old adage.

It’s no surprise if a footballer gives birth to footballer and it’s understandable that certain craft are in the parents genes which are likely to be transferred to their children. In the case of Baby Maxin, She is the exact Photocopy of Nana Ama Mc Brown.

Baby Maxin looks exactly like her mum, and her ability to stand in front of the camera and make poses really goes a long way to say she’s indeed going to take over from her mother. There are a lot of celebrities kids in Ghana who is loved and cherished but the love people show to Baby Maxin is overwhelming and mind blowing.

As young as Baby Maxin is, She has been made the Brand Ambassador for Amalena children’s Haven, and even shot her first Television commercial.




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