Lulu Menziwa, the best dressed South Africa’s teacher

Lulu Menziwa, the best dressed South Africa's teacher

South Africa’s “S]xi]st Teacher,” Lulu Menziwa! If you haven’t heard of her by now, you’re missing out on some juicy news.

This primary school Mathematics teacher has been making headlines for her figure-hugging clothes and almost unclad photos. Her latest post has caught fire online, as she poses in tight brown pleather pants with a matching bodysuit.

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While some South Africans have praised her for being confident and owning her s]xuality, others have criticized her behavior. Many have questioned whether her online persona and dress is appropriate for a teacher in a primary school setting.

Lulu Menziwa, the best dressed South Africa's teacher2
Lulu Menziwa

Some have even suggested that teachers be required to wear a uniform similar to that of nurses and police officers. However, Lulu seems to be unphased by it all and continues to flaunt her fierce style.

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