Man abandons wife on sickbed for vacation with her side chick


A Nigerian man has spoken out on Twitter about the horrible treatment his wife received while she was at her lowest point.

After a Twitter user said that “I have never seen a man that would forsake his wife on a sickbed no matter what,” he acknowledged his inhuman deed.

According to the man, he purposely neglected the predicaments of his wife and took a trip to a vacation destination with her Personal Assistant with whom he is believed to be having a secret affair.

What’s more shocking about his confession is that he robbed his wife of her hard earn money to lavish on his wife’s aide who was supposed to be by her madam’s bedside giving her special attention.

In a reactionary tweet, he wrote: “I left my wife when she was sick and went on vacation with her PA with her own money.. I’m praying to be a better man everyday though.”

The man’s heartless action has got netizens heaving hot coals on his head.



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