Man arrested for allegedly beating his wife to death because of s3x

A Nigerian man has been arrested for allegedly beating his wife to death because she refused to have sex with him.

According to a family of the deceased woman who shared the heartbreaking story on social media, the suspect was in the habit of beating his wife, and has called for justice for his late aunt.

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He stated that on June 27th, the woman, Mrs Ugieki Asemota returned home from a wedding to find her husband drunk, so she had a bath and locked herself in a room to avoid getting beaten which is allegedly her husband’s habit when he’s drunk.

Later that night the husband reportedly banged on her door asking for sex, she turned him down and refused to open the door.

She feared that her husband could break down the door so she jumped out of her room through the window to seek help, but unfortunately before she could get help he attacked her, repeatedly hit her with planks and block till she bled and fainted.

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She was rushed to the hospital where she eventually died by concerned neighbors.


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