Married men purchase a lot of condoms than single men – Health Professional

A high health professional, heading one amongst the leading pharmaceutical stores with regarding 3 branches within the Western Region has disclosed that, married men are the higher high purchasers of condoms than single men within the Region.

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This comes when it had been reported that, purchase of condoms has accrued by eight million from 2019 to 2020, consistent with the Ghana Health Service. The staggering increase within the purchase of condoms has been pegged at 40,178,862 million for the year 2020 as from a previous thirty two million purchases made in 2019.

In an interview monitored by ghbuzznews on Skyy Power 93.5FM, the health professional, name withheld, and different health professional within the region explained that, married men within the ages of forty years and on top of usually troop to their pharmacies to buy additional condoms than the one young men.

He additionally created it legendary that, men purchase additional contraceptive devices than females and also the male condoms is on the next demand than that of the feminine condom. Also, users are specific of the sort of condoms they purchase as they explained that some brands area unit their favorites as a result of it adds flavour and far excitement throughout sexual activity consistent with the health professional.

However, it had been additionally explained that, those who purchase condoms have already got some data on the way to maneuver the contraceptive as they are doing not raise any tips within the process.


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