Medikal enlists ex-girlfriend Sister Derby for new 2-in-1 song; ‘Cold & Trophies’

Sister Derby

Unexpectedly, Deborah Vanessa, also known as Sister Derby, who was Medikal’s ex-girlfriend, is included in a new Hip-Hop song.

The song, titled “Cold & Trophies,” is 5 minutes, 9 seconds long, and it seems to be two songs in one. It was made public along with a music video today, March 9, 2023.

The music video’s opening sequence, for the song “Cold,” features the ex-couples getting into a sports car as Sister Derby, wearing a red dress and red-framed spectacles, takes the wheel.

In contrast, Medikal raps while riding in a sports automobile while stunt bikers perform alongside them on the road while wearing a black and white jacket and dark sunglasses.

“The street is cold, cold, cold, cold. Everyday, I make more dough, dough, dough, dough…” Medikal sings on the hook.

Sister Derby plays no part, vocally, in ‘Cold’.

Part 2 of the song, ‘Trophies’, begins from the 2 minute and 14 second time mark.

From this point onwards, Medikal, first, and then Sister Derby perform predominantly in a falsetto voice.

“Life is a bi*** but I won a trophy. African mermaid like Sister Derby,” Samuel Frimpong, alias Medikal, sings on the hook, standing at a microphone with Deborah petting a dog on a sofa behind him.

Immediately after the beat drop, Derby stands to dance, back to the camera in a fuchsia cheerleader skirt, assuming a video vixen’s role – Medikal relaxes in the sofa, watching with shades on.