Meet the Ghanaian storekeeper who became a millionaire

People on this earth must bear it in mind that there is nobody on this earth who is born purposeless or directionless unless you make yourself to be so that is why it is very necessary to identify what God has hidden in you.

Since we are born with diverse kinds of giftings, we must work on them through nurturing so that they would be realised and give us returns and profits.

We have people who are not academically inclined but they are very useful when it comes to other aspects of human services and endeavours as well as their dedicated services to making sure people feel better than what they might have previously served with which could not even satisfy their expected aspirations being value for money.

Teachers in countless activities happening in classroom studies have shown enormous supports and contributions towards the development and preparations of their students for a brighter future.

It happened in the life of one little child during his days at Benkum Senior High School where he took the bold decision to quit his education since he could not find himself a levelled ground where he thought his education was taking him to.

He therefore planned after consulting his parents to try his hands on something else new to see the way forward in life and through the acceptance of the ideas he brought before his parents most especially the father, he has never regretted as having such spectacular parents who helped to change his destiny. Opanyi Kwame Wadie, one of the renowned Ghanaian citizens of Kwahu in the Eastern Region, has become the whole light that shines in the entire Kwahu Nkwatia, the birth town of his parents who birthed together with him, the ideas of venturing into business since his education at the time was not going well with him as expected.

Opanyi Kwame Wadie, a true and committed indigene of Kwahu, where most Ghanaian business tycoons are coming from, has made significant difference in society after working as an ordinary shopkeeper for several years unabated but today, he could be counting foreign currencies from morning till evening without feeling exhausted.

He brainstorm his personal life idea of pursuing a private business even though he got admission into Benkum Senior High School to further his education, he thought twice that the education for him at that time, was not the right option for him but rather he would like to go into the business that he wanted and his father mooted the idea and by the grace of God, he has become a renowned Ghanaian millionaire today. He became the second highest dealer in the sales of fabrics in the Koforidua township while his parents hail from Kwahu Nkwatia in the same Eastern Region.

He later ventured into selling rice, sugar, alcoholic drinks, cigarettes which were making significant profits and margins for him and afterwards, he entered into the construction field after he was advised by the then Eastern Regional minister to register a company for construction works and through that, he did exactly what was instructed to him and another way paved out for him and today, if or when they are counting millionaire moguls in the world and Ghana as a whole, his name would be mentioned amongst the elites.


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