Minority NDC Mps Claim Databank Workers Take Over Finance Ministry

Minority NDC Mps Claim Databank Workers Take Over Finance Ministry

The members of Parliament on the ticket of the main opposition political party, the National Democratic Congress, NDC, is seriously leveling dangerous and wild allegations without substantiating that, certain dramatic activities happened at the ministry of finance and economic planning which the minister himself is personally aware of the took place amongst some workers from Databank and other senior officers in the Finance Ministry.

The claim being leveled against the finance and economic planning minister is so serious based on his role in the matters about the activities taking place at the offices of Databank which the finance minister himself, Kenneth Ofori Atta, who initiated the removal of top senior officers at the Finance ministry and others who came and replaced such individuals, are the people coming from Databank because Kenneth Ofori Atta wanted such individuals to be at the senior offices because they have been given some secret opportunities so that they would not be settling disputes between the next government and this current administration where posterity would begin to bite hard at people who are not with any human feeling to endure the same excruciating economic hardships created by the porous leadership he and his disastrous government is bringing down to the good people of Ghana.

In the case that the minority members of Parliament from the camp of the main opposition political party, NDC, their minority leader in Parliament, Hon. Haruna Iddrisu, on the floor of the house during one of the public gallery debates, expressed his disquiet about the tricky manner in which the finance minister is allegedly employing people from his banking sector to take over from those who are chief directors at the ministry of finance and economic planning. He expressed his disgust about the secret and clandestine hidden agenda behind every decision rescheduled because just take a look at where it’s happening currently without thinking carefully about what exactly his erroneous impressions concerning those replaced by his so-called workers from his Databank.

According to Hon. Haruna Iddrisu, such individuals who were replaced at the finance and economic planning ministry because of those who were brought in by the minister from the Databank institute, was chosen due to the assignments given to them variously to perform with the sense that, those under which instructions have been given, they must severally receive a penalty for those illegal actions planned and agreed by the minister for finance and economic planning even though he knows very well that things are not picking up financially well and as a result of those who have been secretly been employed under the orders of the finance minister which going through the laid down processes involved before going for expensive opportunities. In the view of Haruna Iddrisu, Kenneth Ofori Atta knows that they are about to lose their firm grip on political administration hence his thoughts for bringing such people from his banking sector to come and work at the ministry of finance and economic planning while taking over some selected chief executive officers who are also chief directors of various critical institutions in the country.

Haruna Iddrisu has accused the finance minister that it is something that he has been hiding after realizing of losing political power to the National Democratic Congress, NDC, due to its reckless manner in which the government of Ghana is handling the economic challenges faced by Ghanaians in the country. He disclosed that such individual members have been employed secretly by the finance minister himself even though he does not pay even twenty pesewas for whatever he uses.

Ghanaians must be aware that, it is by certain clandestinely motive behind the employment of eight officers from Databank who came and took over the affairs of many ministerial institutions through the back door because there must be something that they are being afraid to lose and based on that issues.

They have been recruited secretly to cover up certain fishy deals being embarked upon by government and Finance Minister, Kenneth Ofori Atta whose Databank has a critical role in managing the finances instances of the country where certain margins are being sent to that bank for safety precautionary reasons as he is the same people who are managing the finance minister and the indirect director of the Databank activities.

In the mind of Hon. Haruna Iddrisu, for the past eight years, secret deals and unexplained mysteries surrounding the financial clearance that could revive the economy of Ghana had been diverted by certain faceless characters who think they are so smart to the extent that, they would not be able to be disciplined in the general public domain the moment the Bible Already.

Hon Haruna Iddrisu is wondering how on earth could some staff members coming from Databank could just replace certain technocrats at the ministry of finance and economic planning at the top level after taking over from the old senior officers at the ministry who were more or fewer directors and chief directors in the ministry but because of his high handedness, things have been done without any recourse to the proceedings in Parliament which must be followed but the leadership of the finance and economic planning ministry ignores certain because they think they are the helm of affairs for the country and as a result, there is nothing unsightly others are trying to escape with so that many people are not going to be aware of their hidden agenda and parochial interest in the decision of the finance and economic planning minister, Hon. Kenneth Ofori Atta, who based on no evidence from the presidency, appointed people from Databank which he is the owner, and at least one of the rascal decisions any irresponsible individual could take without recourse to the laydown proceeds involving the recruit of people for fear of being exposed beyond description. As the issue of this magnitude happens, the mother of the Man your father could not help them remedy the situation.

They do not want to be exposed beyond the eyes of people who are closely monitoring their illicit activities for making money through certain ungodly activities to be engaged in to do the bidding of certain selected members of society because they know what they are engaging in secrecy and thus, for their anus not be to be exposed.

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