Miss Universe 2022: How Afua Mofuman sold Ghana to the world with her outfits

History has been made by an indigene of the land of Ghana where she has gone viral for selling the country of her origin to the whole universe as she contested for the coveted prize and took it away from over 90 other women.

The young enterprising lady coming from Ghana, Engrecia Afua K. Mofuman, won the 2022 Miss Universe beauty pageant which was held on Sunday, 15th January 2023 in New Orleans, Louisiana during which she dazzled only in her well-decorated outfits and stunned everyone present.

The Miss Universe beauty pageant has been taking place for several decades now whilst this year’s own was the 71st and it is majestically won by a Ghanaian woman who is just 27 years of age.

Engrecia Afua K Mofuman, a professional model, who specializes in English language fluently, French, Spanish, and Portuguese and is an ardent translator of the Portuguese language, has been advocating for African cultural identity through diverse faces of bringing together women of beauty for national integration and development.

The sole representative of Ghana at the 71st edition of the Miss Universe beauty pageant in New Orleans Louisiana adorned herself with elegant outfits that nobody else could wear on the day of their contest which inspired and hilariously caught up the attention of those who were even part of the challenge.

Looking at the number of over 90 country beauty pageant representatives around the globe, the youthful exuberant Ghanaian beautiful lady, took the entire world by surprise by winning the much-anticipated crown of becoming Miss Universe after wrestling and emerging triumphant amongst close to a hundred other women coming from various countries of their origins.

Since her victory has become worldwide, those ladies who have been using their beauty to frustrate other men should educate themselves very well since beauty is not meant to be causing confusion and nightmare to men in any country.

Source: www.ghbuzznews.com



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