Moesha Boduong Narrates How She Gathered And All Her Money


Following depression rumors, actress Moesha Boduong has disclosed her true self for the first time.

Moesha describes how one of her depression periods caused her to burn all of her money in an interview with Delay.

The Instagram influencer claims that a voice told her to burn everything she owns into ashes. She complied with respect. She is unable to estimate the exact amount of money she burned, though.

Since 2020, Moesha has not been the Moesha Bodoung that Ghanaians are accustomed to seeing. It all began when she was seen strolling barefoot in public while wearing an unclean long dress.

She allegedly devoted all of her possessions to the less fortunate after committing her life to Christ.

Joyce Mensah, a former HIV/AIDS ambassador, recently came forward to claim that Miss Moe engaged in fraud and pretended to be ill in order to avoid being imprisoned.

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Please read the interview snippet down below.


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