Moment wife and mother-in-law ‘clashed’ over her hubby’s car’s front seat (Video)


An lovely video that a newlywed man shared demonstrates how his mother and wife handled the dilemma of who gets to sit in the front seat of his car.

The husband, wife, and mother-in-law in the adorable video were about to leave when a small argument broke out between the two women.

The wife took the back seat and requested that her son’s mother take the front seat, as can be seen in the video.

The wife demanded that her mother-in-law receive the honor instead, but the woman politely rejected.

Minutes after the deliberation and after failing to convince the lady, the woman sat by her son’s side in the car.

Reacting to his TikTok video, the man, Mr Nathan, wrote: “This front seat has cause a lot of trouble with a lot of wives and their mother-inlaw. I don’t know what is in that front seat .”

Jozzy said: “Powerful the wife must always show love and you will be respected in the family your marriage will be strong I salute your wife.”

Jangmi said: “Mutual respect goes a long way, the grandma refused first instead of just going to the front seat. Relationships like this is beautiful.” _