Mother curses daughter for not inviting her to her wedding


A distraught Nigerian mother has sparked outrage online after doing something unusual: cursing her daughter, Chinyere, for marrying without her consent.

Every mother’s joy and prayer is to witness her child’s wedding ceremony when he or she reaches the age of consent, but this woman’s situation is unique.

In a viral video, the mother revealed that her daughter did not seek her approval or notify her before planning her wedding.

According to the woman, she was not invited to or informed of the wedding in Enugu state.

In a video that has gone viral, the woman describes how she suffered to give birth to Chinyere and also to educate her.

The woman claimed Chinyere and her husband would suffer greatly in life as a result of not inviting or informing her of the wedding plans.

The video was accompanied by photos from Chinyere’s wedding.
In the video, priests can be seen joining her in marriage with her husband, which has gone viral and elicited reactions on Twitter.