Mother engages her 17-year-old daughter in a 3some with her husband

With a startling insight she shared online with Kofi Noel Page on Facebook, a mother stunned the entire globe.

Evidently, the mother and her husband exposed and exposed their daughter to a lifestyle that she loved to commit to in order to satisfy their sexual desires.

Posting the story on Facebook, the mother said that she had, for years been engaging her then 17-year-old daughter in a 3some with her husband.

While the mother was discussing how the issue came about, she said that it began when her daughter, who was in SHS 1 at the time, was forced to watch porn with them.

The husband suggested trying a 3some after learning from the mother that he and she enjoy watching porn virtually constantly before getting intimate at night.

She (the mother) initially objected but eventually came around and approved of the notion of having a threesome.

Yet finding someone to join their newly discovered sexual escapade was a difficulty. Although they reside in an estate in East Legon, it would be challenging to recruit a new member given the seclusion of the neighborhood and its residents.

Since there was no one to help them out after searching they both decided on their 17-year-old daughter who was still in SHS.

This innocent girl was made to watch porn together with her (mother) to get her into the mood and have the 3some. This continued for years and now the husband has become addicted to his daughter.

Fast forward, the mother is fed up with this lifestyle and wants the daughter to stop but the husband is not agreeing as he has deeply fallen in love with the daughter as a result of constant sexual experiences with her.

At this point, the husband has stopped the 3some and only gets intimate with the daughter.

The mother, in the story, further mentioned that the daughter is now of age and ready for marriage but the father is not ready to allow her to have any relationship with another man to talk of getting married.

According to the mother, her husband has rented an apartment for the daughter at Trassaco and he goes there to see the daughter have sex with her on the regular.

The mother is now seeking help on how she could restore her daughter back to normalcy and get her to settle down and make life as she is not growing any younger. Any Help?


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