My Duty Is To Defend Government – Presby Moderator opens up

My Duty Is To Defend Government - Presby Moderator opens up

The Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Rt Rev. Professor Joseph Obiri Yeboah, has kicked out those coming up against him that he is in bed with the current president.

The moderator stated that it is not his sole mandate to join the opposition political parties to fight against the government but the onus lies on him solely to defend and speak for the government.

According to him, he is not like some certain crop of people who will come out to say this and that today but tomorrow they are saying something else.

He indicated that being the leader of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana and also chairman of the Christian council of Ghana, his religious and civic responsibilities are very huge and thus nobody should expect him to condemn the government when it does anything wrong. The Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana has been on the lips of some Ghanaian believers for accepting to live in a mansion built by the church in and around the Osu enclave where the church members are struggling to lay down their heads in kiosks.

His appointment came at a time when the religious beliefs of people in Ghana are waning quick and fast because the level at which corruption has become endemic in the country is unprecedented and some are wondering about the kind of God that we claim to be worshipping in the country.

He is the current chairman of the Christian Council of Ghana and it is expected of him that he is the only man with the requisite acumen to being sanity and religious harmony between the Christian youth and other religious faiths but it seems he is on a different tangent playing politics of convenience to be in the good book of the government.

Some opposition members in the country have challenged him to call the bluffs of government when it doled out a huge gargantuan quantum of taxpayers’ money to the board members of the national cathedral building which the moderator remained silent on the matter.

The government could be entirely blamed for giving out that huge colossal amount of money because the economy of the country is in utter tatters without remedies and the argument being advanced by some certain group of people is that those on the board of trustees in handling the affairs of the cathedral building would also benefit financially hence their ultimate alliance with the government when it released the money towards the construction of the national cathedral without lending any form of advice to the government on matters about national importance and not that of building a so-called national cathedral at the time that hardship has afflicted the country from North to South and from East to the West and back to the center.

Some people in the governance circles have stated their views that building a national cathedral is utterly frivolous and thus tourists would love to visit the Sakumono shrine than visit a national cathedral building for excursion purposes.



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