My Husband Has Never Made Love To Me In Our One Year Of Marriage

A twenty seven year old married wife has uncontrollably voiced out her ordeal in the marriage in which she currently finds herself.

The said woman, whole identity remains undisclosed is reported to be married to a thirty fourLady year old wealthy man whom she so admired initially and saw him to be her dream man based on the kind benevolence he showed towards her and her entire family and promising her unconditional love.
But after the marriage, her husband started behaving strangely, to the extend that he never  made love to her during their one year stay together in marriage.
Here the story from her own mouth upon being interviewed:
“I am twenty seven years old. I met my husband a few years ago and we got married only last year after courting for a short while. This was a marriage I had prayed about to come through because I sincerely loved him.
“Dee”, as I called him loved me too and sacrificed so much for my happiness during our dating days. He was such a committed church attender, and that really made me fall for him and accepted to marry him.
He joined the church I attended and I got to know him. After he proposed to me and I accepted, we both agreed on practicing no sex until marriage.
Sooner we had gone through our church’s premarital counselling process, and our Pastor blessed the marriage for us. It was joyful to be together at last.
But during the honey-moon, something began to unfold. Whiles I romantically made ready to have my husband come and touch me so I could swallow him up in romance, he unexpectedly told me to relax.
Well, I never took that too serious though it called for concern,  but patiently waited in bed for him while I glanced through my phone to reply to some messages of well wishers of our marriage.
Suddenly, I overheard my husband sort of making a sound like one who is moaning (ie. expressing sexual pleasure) He was making out with another lady on the internet. He was sitting on a couch watching a porn movie on his Laptop. By the time I looked at him again in the act within the next few seconds he had removed his manhood and was masturbating. I was shocked at his actions and almost collapsed.
Upon gaining consciousness I took it easy and didn’t even make him feel bad for what  I saw him do. I simply admonished him to refrain from that lifestyle as it could ruin our marriage. But all advices I gave him was not headed to, and that made me feel like, it was the beginning of the end of our marriage.
However, a few weeks later, I tried to find out from him what was wrong, and my husband plainly told me he enjoys watching pornography movies than making love to a woman.
I went on to ask why he then married me, since he knew he had such a problem. He responded by saying, he engaged me in marriage so that the world (ie. people & the society) wouldn’t suspect his sexual inactivity. He then opened up to me how he has never made love to a woman physically before in his lifetime. I was thrown in a state of dilemma on hearing that.
Just after the whole incident, he one day went to town and came back home with some male sexual toy vibrators for my use on any day I felt for a man to penetrate me. Or better still I could hunt for a particular guy he personally showed me to satisfy my sexual desire whenever I needed it.
Surprisingly, he continued to promise me a considerable cash reward each month if I kept this information secret or else he would ruin my life and that of my entire family.
Over the period, I have been considering leaving the marriage to save myself, but for the investments he has made into myself and that of my family, I feel guilty about it any time I attempted to leave. Being so wealthy, Dee took care of not only me but my entire family during our courtship days:
•He established a business for my parents
•He help put my siblings into very good and expensive schools
•He renovated our family home and gave it a face lift, and
•He is even still supporting my family in varied ways
The thought of we paying
him back all that he has ever used for my family’s welfare is not even possible, because we cannot afford to refund that, otherwise we would have done so in order for me to be free to leave the marriage guiltless. And I cannot also go about cheating on him because my conscience wouldn’t serve me right as a Christian.
So, this is affecting me emotionally so much that my health situation is getting bad and people are beginning to notice there is something worrying me and they enquire to know about my challenge, though I keep protecting the image of my husband.
It’s over a year now since
– My husband has not made love to me.
– I too is craving for intimacy
– I am suffering from emotional trauma that is leading to my deteriorating health
– He has giving me the go ahead to go outside the marriage if I wanted fan.
– But my conscience does not serve me right as a Christian.
– My thoughts do not permit me to leave the marriage too considering the support he has giving to my family.
Folks, what should I do? Please help advice me. Thank you