My SIM card was blocked for 2 days despite re-registration – John Mahama complains

My SIM card was blocked for 2 days despite re-registration – John Mahama complains

The Former President of the Republic of Ghana, His Excellency John Dramani Mahama, has alleged that his private communication channels, got cloned down by the mobile telecommunication companies in what he believed to be the blocking of his SIM card from making phone calls.

It was earlier reported that the former president could not register his SIM card at the time of the general public announcement that, those who would not re-register their Sim cards at the scheduled time allotted to them, would suddenly have their Sim cards blocked while barring them completely from making phone conversations.

The Ministry of Communications announced a few months ago that, it intended to work in collaboration with the telecommunication companies in Ghana so that the cards that are still being used whilst not registered under any specific names, such cards would not have access to reaching out to their members and true to the ultimatum given, the telecommunication giants have unanimously, under the authorities of the ministry, unexpected blocked various Sim cards across the entire country by making life unbearable for those individual customers in the country.

As the Sim cards of the former president had been claimed to have been restricted from making phone calls, the arguments that he did not register his Sim cards because of his political stature, has affirmed the position of those who are making the rumor going around that he refused to register his Sim cards.

Even though the former president did not reveal the exact number or network on which he has been blocked, the blocking of customers who have not registered their Sim cards is cutting across the board and not any targeted individuals who may think it is by their political conviction or affiliation that is why they are being hunted.



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