My song ‘Run Go’ best describes Ghana’s current state – Stonebwoy

Stonebwoy, Musician

Award winning Ghanaian dancehall star Stonebwoy says his 2016 hit record ‘Run Go’ best depicts Ghana’s present status.

As per the BHIM Nation president, leaders need to respond to some basic inquiries that identify with the country’s present circumstance, presented in the tune.

Ghanaian youth in the previous month have fought via online media requesting the public authority to fix different areas from the economy.

In an interview with South Africa-based Moziak Magazine as a feature of observing African music on AU Day May 26, Stonebwoy was responding to a solicitation to name “a tune that impeccably depicts your country at the present time,” and he reacted, “Run Go‘ to Stonebwoy.”

Stonebwoy’s ‘Run Go‘, a wonderful piece yet a campaign to keep leaders and authority in the landmass alert to their obligations to make the mainland a superior spot.

In the song, he needed answers for questions, “Tell we where we gonna run go, After making our motherland a bitter place to live? Tell we where we gonna run go, Wen dem say we have to pay for the oxygen we breathe? Answer me now Mr big man. You no see everybody want to go run go up foreign no.”

He added, “simple life is all we want to live. Give me food give me clothes give me love and give me shelter shelter. Simple life is all we want life. Give me food give me cloth give me love and give me shelter shelter

In the last part, he sang, “Ya uno fi hear mi please. [This a one yah song mi a sing from the deep. Down ina mi heart and mi a feel like to weep


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