My wife thinks I am a god in bed – Adjetey Anang

Adjetey Anang

Adjetey Anang, a Ghanaian actor, has made it clear that he is a beast in bed, and his wife can speak to that with authority.

The seasoned actor opened out about that area of his life when asked if sex gets monotonous after marriage in an interview with Sika Osei on Lynx TV.

Adjetey Anang responded when asked if his wife views him as a “Sex God,”

‘Oh yes, she does. and she tops it up with the occasional surprises, hugs from behind, compliments when we are in the midst of friends and so on,’ he stated.

‘Pusher’ added that his wife recently commended him for getting much better in bed as their years of marriage keep increasing.

Asked what the sexiest part of his body is, the AMVCA Award Winner replied,

‘The hairs on my chest.’

He also stressed that sex is a gradual procedure and shouldn’t only be about the bedroom act.

Watch the video below: