Natural Breasts Must Sag! — Here Are The Reasons……

In a world obsessed with perfection and artificial obstructions, the tendency for most women to shun sagged breasts is high, forgetting that it’s a natural and unavoidable.

Whenever this should happen to you, do not view it as a shunned topic, rather, see it as a natural aspect of bodies that deserves compromise and acceptance.

Come what may, these three reasons will be among the undeniable factors why you should allow your breasts sag :

Growing Old :

As your skin grows old, new tissues form each day until it loses it’s elasticity level due to reduced collagen production, which will lead to automatic droop in certain parts of your body as a woman.

Becoming A Mother :

Pregnancy goes hand in hand with breastfeeding; these are natural life events that will, inadvertently, weigh on your breasts. As milk is being produced, the milk glands in the breast cause the entire tissue to enlarge but, when it’s time to wean your baby, there will drastic reduction which will cause sagging in breasts.

Having Fluctuations In Your Weight :

So far as the skin stretches, in the process of growth, with weight gain, it may not be the same, when you begin to lose weight in all body parts, not leaving out your breasts. This means your body is just adapting to natural adjustments.

By taking note of these natural, inevitable, and wonderful reasons behind sagging breasts, a culture of body positivity, devoid of shaming and discontent, can be fostered to empower women in their unique journey of accepting what their bodies have become.

The challenge of unrealistic standards set by social media can be reduced drastically when we pave way to hoist originality and self-love.