Netizens react as 26 year-old lady drives fuel tanker truck

There are hardworking women across the globe who will tell you that what men can do, women can also do better, exceedingly and abundantly.

That has been the inspiration and motivation a very young lady has taken from the earlier statement as she mounts full gear on a fuel tanker truck.

Many people could not believe their eyes as to what they have been seeing since they hold the view that it is a reserved job for strong men.

The twenty-six years old lady, with the attractive name Yemi, has won the hearts of countless people online as she drives the fuel tanker vehicle flawlessly.

As people began to praise her, others decided to take a colorful picture with her so that a mouthwatering story could be told about her to their families, friends, and loved ones either at home or abroad.

According to lady Yemi, she has been driving a heavy-duty vehicle since she was just twenty-one years old and since then till now, she does not decide to back down from her decision to drive the fuel tanker truck to any destination she has been assigned to execute.

Ever since she began driving, she has had five good years of working experience in the same field unlike those of her mates and colleagues who think it is too tough and laborious for them to be engaged in.

Yemi, as she is simply called, has put inspiration in the minds of many who think some jobs are mainly designed to match the interest of the strongly-hearted individual people who could easily mount themselves on the wheels of the fuel tanker truck as Yemi, the twenty-six years old does without any challenge or hitches to the discharge of her sole duty.

So, lady Yemi, a 26-year-old lady, has become a motivation to those who are willing to put it on their chest that no particular job on this earth is mainly designed for men only.