Nigerian Celebrity Marriages That Crashed In 2022


Celebrity couples often find it difficult to end their marriages secretly, which leaves their admirers and following feeling quite sad. Below is a list of some of the famous couples who had to call it quits this year for one reason or another.

1. Korra Obidi and Justin Dean

Korra Obidi is a popular Nigerian dancer and content creator who was married to a doctor known as Justin Dean, the couple impressed their fans with a lot of videos, but unfortunately, they split up sometime this year due to some issues they had. They tied the knot in 2018 and ended their marriage in 2022. They have two daughters, they even parted ways not too long after Korra gave birth to her second child.


2. Chacha Eke Faani and Austin Faani

Chacha Eke Faani is a popular Nollywood actress, she gave the impression that all was not well after she posted a video of herself on Instagram saying that her marriage was over, however, she later revealed that she was bipolar. Sadly, in June this year, the actress stated that her marriage has ended. They were blessed with four kids before they parted ways.


3. Paul Okoye and Anita Okoye

Top Nigerian musician Paul Okoye was married to his heartthrob, Anita Okoye in 2014. But unfortunately, due to one reason or another, Anita filed for a divorce, their marriage was dissolved recently and it seems they have both moved on with their lives, they have 3 children together.


4. Funke Akindele and JJC Skillz.

Popular actress Funke Akindele is also separated from her husband, Abdul Rasheed Bello who is popularly known as JJC Skillz. JJC Skillz announced their separation on social media sometime this year, they have twin boys together.


5. Basket mouth and Elsie Okpocha

This is probably the latest celebrity couple’s divorce as popular Nigerian comedian, basket mouth revealed that he is parting ways with his wife, Elsie Okpocha. A few minutes ago, Basket Mouth announced his break up from his wife on Instagram. Basket Mouth and Elsie Okpocha have 3 children.



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