Nii Dr. Kpobi Tettey Tsuru Bidden Farewell

The people of La Traditional area in the Greater Accra, have ceremoniously, bidden a farewell to their paramount chief who reigned on the throne for over three decades.

The Late Nii Dr. Kpobi Tettey Tsuru, Middle

The late paramount chief, Nii Dr. Kpobi Tettey Tsuru. The paramount chief, who gave up the ghost three years ago, ruled his people with his affable and gracious nature to the admiration of all that traditional area.

The late king, who reigned on the throne for 32 years, kicked the bucket three years ago but was finally entombed yesterday, Friday, 18th March, 2022.

In an emotional and touching tribute read at the funeral ground where the funeral rites were customarily performed, the amiable wife of the departed soul, described her past soul mate as a very humble and an affectionate husband. He was 89 years.





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