NLA Director Presents Educational Materials To BECE Candidates Of Akuapim North Municipality

Education they say, is the key that opens up the future bright” but it is not always applicable in many senses since finding meaningful opportunities after spending several years in school, does not pay wait.

All the students in the junior high level who are currently at form three, are preparing fervently to undertake their final examination to pave way for them to enter their second circle institutions in the country.

Both public and private candidates in junior high three, are slated to write their Basic Education Certificate Examination, BECE, which is scheduled to be written on Monday, 17th September, 2022, across all the registration centres in the country.

As the day of examination is fast approaching, an examinophobia, is currently gripping psychological, the nerves of certain students who are not adequately prepared even though they show some signs of their readiness as a yardstick, the director of the National Lottery Authority has decided to personally, create that kind of a conducive atmosphere for such individuals not to be afraid of anything traumatic since writing their Basic Education Certificate Examination, BECE, it is more or less writing the end of terminal examinations as they are always requested to do at the end of every academic calendar. In his personal capacity to creating a pulchritude atmosphere to swim in the five senses of some students in the country before they go for their BECE examinations in September this year, the director general of the Ghana Lottery Authority, NLA, in the person of; Honourable Sammy Awuku, has presented unprecedented educational materials to the students of Akuapim North Municipality of the Eastern Region of Ghana.

According to Sammy Awuku, he intended to embark on this laudable benevolent feat to as it were, put a smile on the faces of such students preparing to undertake their final BECE examinations next month since writing examinations is a pure psychological thing to encounter and due to that, he needs to allay every form of fear that may be lingering around the minds of such individual students so that they could also fully charge themselves on that fateful day for the commencement of the examination on; Monday, 17th September, 2022.

He has therefore, presented such valuable learning materials to the Ghana Education Service directorates in the Akuapim North Municipality for onwards distribution to the beneficiary students and their schools.



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