Nurses And Midwives Trainees Threaten Nationwide Demo Over Unpaid Arrears.

The Ghana Nurses and Midwives Trainees Association have given a 10 day ultimatum to the government for non payment of outstanding arrears owed the association.

The association has therefore issued a ten day maximum grace period to the government to pay all the remaining arrears else, they will go on a nationwide demonstration and subsequent strike actions. The government had not been able to fulfill its obligatory responsibilities to help those professionals working in the field of humanity.

According to the association, it has borne with the government for far too long therefore the government has taken the association for granted for been too lenient on giving the government an ample to defray all of the necessary payments dued the association to assist in easing some of the financial huddles faced with the association.

The group members enumerated that, how things are rising quick and fast in the country presently, if the government reneges on its promises not to fulfill them, how would the association members cope with the current economic hardship in the country.

Public Sector employees have been on the neck of the government for an upward adjustment on their salaries to match with the current financial challenges they are enduring in the country rather than that, they will lay down their working tools.

The government is yet to respond to the call compelling it to pay all the outstanding arrears owed the nurses and midwives trainees in the country to let peace and tranquility prevail.



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