Obuasi: Man, 21, captured for murdering four-year-old

The Police in Obuasi has captured 21-year-old Emmanuel Adjei for slaughtering a four-year-old kid at Boete in the Obuasi East region of the Ashanti area.

The suspect, guarantees the perished and his mom have been torturing his life profoundly for quite a while, henceforth his choice to end the existence of the youngster.

The episode has tossed the Boete People group into a condition of stun and grieving.

Mother of the expired Obaa Yaa portrayed that in the early place of Thursday 29th April 2021, she ventured out from home to purchase porage for his child who was washing.

She clarified that when she returned a couple of moments later, his child was mysteriously gone. Following a few hours, a pursuit was led yet there was no hint of the expired.

Later an occupant in the house implied to the mother of the perished that she saw Emmanuel Adjei battle with his youngster while she was passing.

This constrained the local area individuals to break into the presume’s room, tragically, the missing kid’s dead body was situated under the bed of the suspect in a pool of blood.

Emmanuel Adjei who was captured by the police conceded to the offense of submitting murder. The speculate asserted the expired and her mom have been torturing him profoundly consequently a choice to end the existence of the blameless youngster.


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