Our Members Do Not Want Further Transport Fares But Fuel Reduction – GPRTU declares

The Ghana Private Road and Transport Union, has disclosed that, members in the association, have unanimously, passed a resolution that, they do not want to overburden the poor Ghanaian motorists by increasing further prices in the cost of transportation means but rather, they are expecting government to decrease the cost of fuel in the country.

Earlier this week, the GPRTU officers have announced that, due to the high cost of living as a result of the poor handling of the Ghanaian economy and increments in the utility providers services, they are planning to further increase fares next week but thinking twice about the plights of the deprived Ghanaians, they have had a meeting amongst themselves to see if the people living in Ghana deserve another cause of increments on transportation starting next week but they have resolved other words.

According to the Ghana Private Road and Transport Union, GPRTU, its members are very concerned about the challenges of the poor Ghanaian when it comes to matters pertaining to their financial wellbeing and thus, they do not want to further overburden such individuals because of their current poor state and thus, they have decided to appeal to the government to at least, reduce the cost of fuel to avoid the increments they earlier indicated to their customers.

In their views, increasing any additional cost of transportation at this present juncture of economic infractions, would do more harm than good because, it is going to worsen the challenges of Ghanaian people because majority of them are struggling to survive financially.
Source: www.ghbuzznews.com


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