Outlaw School Placement Systems-says Prof. Bondzi.

As many discerning Ghanaians and education watchers have called for a total overhaul of the school selection and placement processes, it is the turn of one of the astute academicians and public administrators in the country.

Professor Philip Ebow Bondzi-Simpson, a former rector of the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration, GIMPA, has added his meticulous voice of those demanding for the abolition of the selection process. Prof. Ebow Simpson, has urged the Ghana Education Service to take a second look at the challenges replete students go through in accessing senior high education in the country.

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He pointed it out that, in his opinion, the system is not favourable to those who really qualified and deserved to be placed in their various first and second choice schools. He added that, the system is unfair and cumbersome therefore, it encumber free and easy access to harmonious exercise for a smooth and a progressive education in the country.

He lambasted the authorities for allowing vulnerable children to endure such hellish orchestrations encountered before and during selection process across the entire country. He said, something drastic must be done to restore public confidence in the system rather than that, it should quickly be abolished to allow students their own schools through manual procedural criteria.

SOURCE: www.ghbuzznews.com



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